Every day when we see a new thing or do something new- we carve to tell about i some one, as I do; suddenly one day I thought why not write it down so that some day some one reading it will learn the new thing too. Thus Priscilla stated this page.

I am Priscilla David. I love God, Jesus is my bestie. God gave me the name Priscilla, which is derived from Priscus which means  a blessing.. intended to bestow long life on the bearer.. I am Priscus.

I am here to share that blessing across. I am a lawyer by profession, no I am not an advocate, yes I don’t go to court. I love cooking. I love music. I love fashion and I love this world. I will write about all the topics 🙂

This s a new name and a new atmosphere. I am just going to write what I feel and you are free to comment but you cant hurt me through with your comments.


With love